Ifetayo Ojelade, PhD
1867 Harvard Avenue
College Park, GA 30337
Interested in Receiving Supervision from Dr. Ojelade?
Dr. Ojelade offers supervision to individuals seeking to become fully licensed as professional counselors and post-licensure therapists who are interested in staffing cases.  Dr. Ojelade's clinical experience includes working with women, placing particular emphasis on those of African descent. She also has extensive experience in the psychological assessment of children. Her areas of clinical interests include:

a) The impact of culture on the psychotherapy process
b) Indigenous African healing modalities
c) Trans-generational trauma patterns (specifically PTSD)
d) Adult children of dysfunctional parents
e) Experiential group processes
 f) Stress management

Dr. Ojelade's Supervision Model

Dr. Ojelade follows a developmental model of supervision. Therapists are guided toward progress through the stages of counselor development. Dr. Ojelade views supervision as a collaborative process; however, in the early stages of the supervisory relationship, she may act as a teacher-coach. This is done as both parties work to develop trust in the relationship. Dr. Ojelade will work to provide structure, address specific concerns about clients, teach specific skills, and provide direct supervision in meetings. As you develop as a counselor, Dr. Ojelade's role as a supervisor may change. She will work together with you to address your concerns, fears, and any skill deficits that may be present. During this stage you will continue to learn to analyze your own work, provide feedback to fellow group members, and take charge of your professional growth. Throughout the relationship as supervisor-supervisee, Dr. Ojelade hopes that you become comfortable enough to process your relationship with her and use issues that may come up in supervision as ways to understand your relationship with clients.

Supervision Groups
Dr. Ojelade offers group supervision in which participants are able to provide feedback and receive input from a variety of perspectives. Individuals interested in joining a supervision group should contact Dr. Ojelade to set up an initial consultation. Dr. Ojelade will answer any questions you have and discuss whether group supervision will adequately match your professional goals. Each group meets every other week for two hours.

Contact Dr. Ojelade today at: 404-635-6021.

Individual Supervision

Dr. Ojelade offers individual supervision for professionals seeking to improve their clinical skills while considering the impact of diversity on client concerns. Individuals interested beginning supervision with Dr. Ojelade can feel free to set up an initial consultation. Dr. Ojelade will answer any questions you might have and discuss whether her supervision model will adequately match your professional goals.

Contact Dr. Ojelade today at: 404-635-6021.

Is Dr. Ojelade the Right Supervisor for You?

Dr. Ojelade has a strong interest in understanding how the diverse layers of the client's and therapist's cultural identities impact, assist, and at times hinder the therapeutic process. She places a particular emphasis on ethical decision making and therapist self-care. Dr. Ojelade adheres to a wholistic approach toward supervision which includes ensuring optimal clinical care of clients and professional development of her supervisees. If you are an exceptionally well-trained therapist who is looking for someone to be supportive and challenge you to grow, Dr. Ojelade may be the supervisor for you.

What Does Dr. Ojelade look for in a Supervisee?
  1. A strong interest in considering complex factors of diversity when working with all client populations.
  2. Individual's with a strong understanding and appreciation of their own cultural identity.    
  3. An ethical foundation that drives clinical decision making.
  4. Willingness to engage in use-of-self supervision which requires the therapist to be self-reflective.
  5. An ability to accept responsibility for personal mistakes, a willingness to learn, and ask questions.
  6. A willingness to engage in Wellness and self-care activities to ensure optimal client care and ethical practice.
  7. A dedication to the counseling profession and a desire for professional growth.
  8. Someone who is willing to commit to continuous supervision as required by state licensure laws.
  9. Willingness to disclose all pertinent information related to client care.

Steps to Becoming a LPC in the State of Georgia

  1. Master's degree in counseling or closely related field (check the State Licensure Board for the list of required coursework- CACREP accredited programs should meet the requirements).
  2. Successful completion of the National Counselor's Exam (NCE).
  3. Appropriate number of years of post-graduate supervision, at least half must be completed by an LPC (30 hours per year).
    • Master's Degree - 3 years of supervision
    • Specialist Degree - 2 years of supervision