Contracting & Consulting Services

Hiring A Healing Paradigm for Consulting & Private Contracting Services

The staff at A Healing Paradigm has a combined experience of over 40 years and consists of licensed psychologists, certified school psychologists, educational psychologists, and allied healthcare professionals. We provide psychological testing, continuing education training, professional consultation, expert witness testimony, and counseling services both on on-site in your offices and at our facility. We contract with companies in the private sector, grade schools, universities, international governments, and public agencies to provide exceptional services that offer a trauma informed and culturally competent lens.


Public Sector

Since our inception, A Healing Paradigm has worked with public agencies to provide quality assessment, training, and counseling services to our clients for their employees and third parties seeking compensation. Our staff is well versed in providing you with timely and accurate independent medical examinations that assist you in making determinations regarding individuals seeking employment, compensation relative to a psychological disability, and level of psychological disability relative to work needs. This includes evaluations to determine an employee's ongoing fitness-for-duty when work related concerns arise. These services can be provided on a bulk contractual or as needed basis.


Private Sector

The staff of A Healing Paradigm is always excited to partner with agencies in the private sector to provide psychological assessment, continuing education training, counseling, and consultation. Our approach is simple, we provide you with the highest quality services driven by culturally competent practices. We provide services either at your facility or in our offices that include independent medical examinations (pre-employment and fitness-for-duty), design of materials (and books) on psychologically related materials, consultation, continuing education and trainings to meet the needs of your staff.


Grade Schools & Universities

Our staff has long worked with local universities to provide training to faculty, staff, and administration on the needs of learners. A Healing Paradigm has additionally added supports to our local grade schools in the areas of culturally competent psycho-educational assessment and therapeutic services, particularly with regard to trauma informed care, learning differences, risky adolescent and disruptive classroom behaviors. What sets us apart is our staff! Our senior staff is comprised of psychologists and we only hire fully licensed/certified professionals with significant experience to provide these services. These are not training experiences for associate license level staff members.  Instead we provide you with solid expertise from professionals well versed in their fields.


International Reach

At A Healing Paradigm we are always seeking to expand our reach beyond the borders of the United States. We have worked with the Ministry of Public Health in Guyana to provide training and a culturally specific publication tailored to the local population. Our work in Kenya includes continuing education training in trauma recovery. In 2019, we extended our reach to Brazil and hosted our first international continuing education convening. This session focused on traditional healing practices among Brazilians of African ancestry. Each day we continue to expand our services. Our goal is to assist communities internationally in preserving indigenous healing practices, promote culturally appropriate psychological healing modalities, and closely examine practices that reinforce the negative effects of psychological colonialism on the local population.


Our Clients

Our current clients include agencies in the private and public section, and foreign ministries. We additionally provide services to national and international NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations). Our services include consultation, expert psychological assessment, training, and authoring publications with tailored psychological content.


Let's Partner to Transform Your Environment!


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