Speaking Engagements

Interested in Having Dr. Ojelade Speak at Your Next Event?

Dr. Ojelade is passionate about helping women uncover behavior patterns that are negatively impacting their career and personal relationships. She believes that audience members can gain the tools that will enable them to enjoy more success in their career and personal relationships. Through her work as a psychologist, Dr. Ojelade is particularly interested in empowering adult children of dysfunctional parents. She designs keynote presentations and workshops that provide participants concrete methods for identifying unproductive behavior patterns, recognizing the impact on one's life, and specific healing strategies. Her clients and audience members report improved communication, career advancement, and healthier relationship patterns.

Dr. Ojelade combines audience engagement, story telling, and exercises to provide an engaging experience. As a keynote speaker, she assists employees and leaders in laughing at their own behavior by pointing out the perfection of everyone's imperfections. Her presentation style opens the dialogue for better communictation and more productive working relationships.

Would you like more information about how you can partner with Dr. Ojelade to be your next keynote speaker or workshop facilitator? She would love to connect with you and discuss acheiving the goals of your meeting. Please feel free to download this one-page media sheet and call our office to speak with Dr. Ojelade (404)-635-6021 .


Topics Areas:

Corporate Clients
3 Behaviors that Keep You Stuck & Getting What You Don't Want!
Emotional Intelligence to Build Stronger Teams
Resolving Conflict with Difficult Coworkers

Women's & Community Groups
3 Behaviors that Keep You Stuck & Getting What You Don't Want!
8 Effective Strategies for Communicating with Your Teen
The Signs & Symptoms of Depression Among Women
Economic Power: You've Got It, How to Remember It, & Methods for Harnessing It
Breaking Destructive Family Patterns of Behavior

CEU Workshops for Mental Health and Education Professionals
Breaking Free From Managed Care: Establishing & Marketing A Practice Niche
Integrating Indigenous Healing Practices into Psychotherapy
Recovering Indigenous Knowledge to Heal Traumatized Communities
Resident Psychologist - Derrick Boazman Show - 1380 WAOK
Frequent Guest Psychologist - Dr. Life - BlogTalk Radio

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